Rockin' 4 Relief

Rockin' 4 Relief
Supporting the families of our fallen heroes

Donate Time-Volunteer!

Rockin' 4 Relief is an annual "rock-a-thon" where we send volunteers out to different locations to rock in a rocking chair for 10 hours straight, talk to customers, and draw attention to our cause. 

Rockin' 4 Relief will be hosted on Saturday, October 20th in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and on Saturday, November 3rd in St. Louis, Missouri.

We need volunteers ages 12-112! Since Rockin' 4 Relief was started by a 12 year old, we want to keep it a mainly teen-run organization. However! We need adult supervision at all locations at all times. Our main goal is to provide financial assistance to families of our fallen heroes, but we want to do so by getting our younger generation involved in the community in a positive way. 

Before our event, we will have three quick preparation meetings with our volunteers. These meetings are crucial to the success of our event, but we can work with volunteers to make sure they receive the information.

If volunteers can make it to ALL THREE preparation meetings and stay the ENTIRE day of the event, Rockin' 4 Relief will reward them with 20 community service hours! Hours will be given to volunteers accordingly. As of April 29th, 2013, we are a 501(c)3 not for profit organization and we can provide a federal ID number if necessary. 

Click on your respective city to find out how to sign up!

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