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Rockin' 4 Relief 2012 is already bigger than ever! Dierbergs has decided to give us even more locations than last year and we already have had a huge donation.

Thanks to social media, Rockin' 4 Relief is huge. I've been sending out messages to various athletes/celebrities saying this: "I'm 15 and raised over $12,000 for families of Police/Fire/EMS killed on the job. Mind RT? Thanks!" 

I've gotten many RT (retweets) which means everybody who follows this celebrity or athlete can see what I sent to them. I've gotten so much support from them and it is neat to see somebody famous care about something that is (at the moment) local.

I've used Twitter to send out these messages, which has greatly helped our publicity. We recently got an extra response that I never imagined would happen.

After sending that message to Ms. Oprah WInfrey, we received an answer saying she will match the $12,000 we've already raised and add $1,000 to get us to a total of $25,000! Everything we have done in the past 3 years doubled with in seconds thanks to Ms. Winfrey. 

Rockin' 4 Relief 2012:

Rockin' 4 Relief 2012 was a huge success! With 15 Dierbergs locations, and 84 volunteers, we were able to raise $19,387.08!

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Upcoming Events:

Rockin' 4 Relief 2013 is scheduled for November 2nd. More details will be posted as soon as possible! 

Past Events:

Rockin' 4 Relief 2009

Money Raised: $751.01

Rockin' 4 Relief 2010

Money Raised: $2,028.16

Rockin' 4 Relief 2011

Money Raised: $9,552.02

Oprah Winfrey's donation: $13,000.00

Rockin' 4 Relief 2012

Money Raised: $19,387.08 

Cumulative Total: $44,718.27


We are still looking for ideas! If you have any comments, questions, concerns, ideas, or want to help out, please contact Jennifer Rubin at 


Rockin' 4 Relief has received a $1,000 donation from Law Enforcement WTF Moments! We thank them for their help and support!


Rockin' 4 Relief is officially a 501(c)3!

Rockin' 4 Relief gave a presentation in Quantico, VA to the D.A.R.E. Youth Advisory Board Representatives from around the country. We have kids in 21 states interested in starting Rockin' 4 Relief where they live. Hopefully one of our events will be close to you soon!

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Money Raised

2009- $751.01

2010- $2,028.16

2011- $8,052.02

Oprah- $13,000

2012- $17,887.088

Dierbergs- $3,000

LEWTFM- $1,000

Total- $45,718.27


Donations may be sent to

Rockin' 4 Relief

PO Box 35

Chesterfield, MO. 63006


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